About us

The CBD industry and legislation is growing so fast that it also brings the confusion of the whole subject

Although the product is 100% legal, it is not fully regulated in the UK and there have been a lot of companies that have jumped onto the bandwagon and are supplying cheap, sometimes harmful products, most of which contain no traces of CBD at all that are nothing but useless.

At Cheshire CBD you can 100% trust our all products as we 3rd party test each batch at a regulated lab to ensure you recieve our proven suppliment of which can be viewed on our site, also we can send out on request

The benefits of a good quality CBD oil are endless including, pain management, sleep disorders, anxiety, heart health.

Your immune system can increase that helps fight off disease, infection and many recent studies have outcomes of fighting cancer and tumour cells. Nature has provided us with a product that compliments and boosts the bodies natural endocannabinoid system. We use organic carrier oils so you can be assured no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are present in any of our products



My story

I started researching the benefits of CBD products in 2012, since then we have built up a great in-house team and trusted suppliers of our raw products that are constantly monitored by ourselves and regulated laboratories.

Cheshire CBD oils are now one of the most trusted and recognised CBD manufactures/suppliers within the UK.

We specialise in 2 products (CBD oils and facial/skincare products) We are so passionate about our products we offer an advice only service where we are more than happy to shed some light on first time users.