The power of sleep !!!!

Sleep is one of the most important events of our daily routine and is proven to repair every organ in our bodies and lets important information transfer better throughout your brain.
Leaving you on top form both physically and mentally.
I am sure that at times like these with Covid19 and the concern over our health and jobs we could all do with a few extra hours of sleep.
Some of our clients at Cheshire CBD oils with sleep difficulties have given us some amazing feedback on sleep scores and cycles after starting a course with our 100% natural CBD oils.
As you can see restoration,steady heart rate and sleep cycles all improved over a short period of time.
Some fantastic information to research regarding sleep is by one of the UK’s top neurologists Dr Matt Walker

The 1st (left) graphic identifies the clients sleeping heat rate before taking Cheshire CBD oils natural oils to assist with poor sleep compared to the 2nd which identifies the improvements in just a few days.
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